Sawn Yorkstone Paving

Sawn Yorkstone Paving is well-loved for its clean contemporary look. Highly versatile, incredibly smooth and durable, our Sawn Yorkstone Paving can be applied to both indoor and outdoor projects. Our range includes blue, grey and buff colours, giving you a range of luxury finishes to choose from.

Our Brighouse Sawn Paving Slabs are the classic buff York Stone pavement in a nutshell

Prices from £108.80

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If you want iconic Yorkshire stone paving with a clean modern look, our fettled slabs are just the ticket

Prices from £108.00

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If you love the colours of our Brighouse Buff slabs but it’s not quite contemporary enough for your project, our Greetland Sawn Paving is just the ticket

Prices from £128.00

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Our Hebden Sawn Paving is characterised by a softer buff colour along with a slight veining through the slabs

Prices from £85.20

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Our Hove Edge Sawn Paving offers a contemporary alternative to Brighouse Buff, and its grey-buff colouring and super-smooth look are the ideal companion for modern projects

Prices from £112.50

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Our beautiful Thornton Sawn Paving is a consistent buff colour and has a fine-grained texture throughout

Prices from £122.50

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"Hebden buff"
I Had 6 pieces of 400 mm x 1000 mm hebden buff sawn yorkstone delivered which was used for seating areas, it was excellent quality and was delivered on time, good communications and will use again.
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"Knowledgable and helpful staff in the…"
Knowledgable and helpful staff in the sales office. Quick delivery which turned up at the designated time. Stunning product that exceeded my expectations.
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