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Yorkstone Paving

The prestige and quality of Yorkstone Paving has long established it as one of the best in the business and Yorkstone Supplies has the largest selection of York stone in the UK. Quarried entirely in Yorkshire and crafted by our expert stonemasons, you can choose from new and reclaimed, riven and sawn stone in a wide range of colours, to help you create everything from driveways and patios to paths and entrances.

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Reclaimed Yorkstone

Hand-lifted from sites such as cathedrals and mills across the UK, our reclaimed York stone is typically over 100 years old and gives any project a special kind of character. Whether you want to create a mood that is rich with age and history or match existing stones, our reclaimed paving and copings will do the job. We offer some of the most premium reclaimed York stone available in the UK and have supplied projects in prestigious properties around Mayfair and Knightsbridge, to name just two. This is superior natural stone with a story to tell.

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Steps & Risers

York Stone Steps and Risers are a very popular choice for creating striking entrances in the UK. But our York Stone Steps are not just attractive, they’re built to last. Their unbeatable durability and slip resistance in the wet make them perfect for entranceways. When you complement them with our York Stone Paving, they look even better.

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Rockery Stone

Creating a knock-out landscaping feature is easy with our premium Rockery stone. Quarried in Yorkshire, every piece is hand-selected and bagged to make sure the size and quality is always consistent.

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Walling Stone

Yorkstone Supplies has the UK's largest range of York Stone products and our range of Walling stone can be supplied anywhere in the UK too, directly from our Yorkshire quarries. You can choose from new cropped walling, dressed walling, dry stone walling and reclaimed walling if you want something with extra character or to match existing stones. Whether you're building a garden wall or an entire house, our Walling stone will help you achieve a stunning, durable result.

Prices from £150.00

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Aged Yorkstone

Exclusive to Yorkstone Supplies, we created our unique Aged York Stone range for people who crave the look of reclaimed York Stone without the budget. It’s made using brand new Greetland stone from our Bradford quarry, which we fettle and distress around the edges, before artificially weathering it. There are lots of advantages to Aged stone beyond just the price. The thickness of our Aged stone is a lot more consistent than reclaimed stone, making it easier to lay and more uniform. Plus you can choose the precise dimensions you want. Once in place, your new coping and paving stones will have all the character you’d expect from stone that’s seen a hundred winters.

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Stone Setts & Cobbles

If you're creating a driveway or finishing off another York Stone project we can provide new or reclaimed York Stone setts and cobbles to give you exactly what you need. Unbelievably durable they provide the ideal surface for heavy use areas, whether it's tyres or feet, and they look better and better the more use they get.

Prices from £72.40

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Coping Stone

Natural Yorkstone Coping Stone are used to cap off natural stone or brick walls, providing extra protection whilst making sure everything looks spot on. Whether you want new, reclaimed or aged coping stones to complete your wall we can provide a range of masonry options to create the perfect finishing touch.

Prices from £52.00

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