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Yorkstone helped build the South East

Yorkstone helped build the South East

York Stone is a quality, hard wearing and attractive sandstone. That’s why so many public places and buildings across Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex are built or decorated with it.

Yorkstone is a key feature of the region’s churches and churchyards. It features in churches in Haslemere, Farnham, Petersfield and Send near Guildford in addition to local high streets. St Christopher’s Church in Haslemere is a prime example of York Stone in use for decorative purposes. It makes up much of the dressed stonework in the area.

In Farnham, restoration work in the 1990s to replace Victorian timbers in the knave of the ancient parish church of St Andrew’s used York Stone. Work involved making the knave match the rest of the church which was built using local, now rare, bargate stone. Bargate stone is very similar to York Stone. Quarried in Godalming in the middle ages, it was used in the construction of many buildings around that time. The source of Bargate stone is now all but depleted but you can still see some of the old quarried around Goldalming.

Yorkstone paving the way locally

The durability of Yorkstone means it is ideal for paving, a quality not lost on the local town planners. York Stone is extremely popular in Surrey’s county town, Guildford. York Stone appears on the famous High Street, along with Chapel Street and the Holy Trinity churchyard.

Indeed, Guildford Borough Council praises York Stone as an ideal material for conservation projects in the centre. “Usually, these schemes have specified high quality, traditional materials in keeping with the urban character of the town centre, such as large (usually 900 mm x 600 mm) York Stone slabs.”

Midhurst in West Sussex also uses Yorkstone for paving. Balfour Beatty re-paved Market Square, Church Hill, Church Street and West Street with ‘high-quality’ York Stone and, as Midhurst sits within a conservation area, the improvements to the town had to be sympathetic to its character.

Finally, we’re pleased to see that our nearest town of Chiddingfold uses York Stone for paving!

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