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Our Team says:
Yorkstone rating Excellent
Our team says:"Our Brighouse steps can totally transform an entranceway!"

York Stone steps have long been used to create dramatic, durable entrances to homes and public buildings, and our Brighouse steps will do everything you need. Slip-resistant, even when wet, each one is sourced from Yorkshire stone blocks quarried in sites across the Yorkshire Dales before being cut on site to whatever dimensions you need. Risers, bull-nosing and drip lining options are also available, and they can be matched to Brighouse setts, paving, coping stones and walling as your project requires.

As all of our stone is a quarried natural material, variations may occur in mineral content and there may also be slight marks or veining on the stone.

You can request a free sample of this York Stone product so you can get a feel for the look and texture, and although we try our best to ensure the sample is as close to the product as possible, we are unable to guarantee an exact replication of the sample provided. Please wet your sample to get an idea of how the stone will look when wet.

As with most things in life, they look different when dry or wet, and that's the same with our York Stone! Please see the colour variations icon to see the product when dry and when wet. There may also be a few images in the image gallery to show the difference.

Brighouse Steps

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