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Early Spring Gardening Tips

It might still seem cold at the moment but, before we know it, the weather will be warming up and our gardens will start growing wild again. Preparing your garden now will save you time in the long run and will ensure that when spring officially arrives, your garden is ready. After months of poor weather, your garden is going to need some help with starting to grow again! Here are a few early spring gardening tips to help you on your way.

Clean the Garden

Before you can start picturing your garden in full bloom again or planting anything new, you need to start by clearing away old leaves, mud, weeds and dead annual plants that have remained in your garden over the winter. This will help you to see the space you have to work with and which of your plants have survived the cold weather. It might also be time to prune hedges and shrubs to stop them from growing wildly when the weather warms up.

Clear your Patio

If you have a patio or paved area, it’s likely that you stored your furniture away before the winter but, it’s probably going to need a quick clean and tidy to return it to its former glory. Clear any plant pots or mulch from the winter and then, if you have one, we recommend using a pressure washer to clean the stone and rid it of any slippery moss so that it’s a usable space again. You might want to wait a little longer before you bring your furniture out to make sure it’s not ruined by any surprise cold snaps!

Pave new areas

If you want to add additional paving to your garden, now is the time to start thinking about it and planning it. Decide on what and where, choose your materials and start planning the layout now. Once the weather dries up, you’ll be able to start laying the paving and your new paved areas will be ready for you to enjoy in the summer.

York stone paving is great if you want to turn your paved area into a feature. Not only is it extremely durable, it’s also attractive and only gets better with age! Take a look at our wide range of York stone paving if you’d like to add York stone to your garden this spring.


You might not be able to plant new plants just yet as it’s a good idea to make sure the cold snap really has gone before you start planting. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start thinking about the plants and colours you’d like to include in your garden. Plan your garden and think about the variety of plants you can buy so that your garden flowers throughout the spring, summer and early autumn seasons.

Attract Wildlife

This might seem like an odd suggestion but birds, insects and small mammals can actually help your garden to thrive so it’s important to attract them. They encourage healthy greenery and can be highly effective in dealing with pests in your garden. You could install small water features or ponds in your garden. Not only will these help you to attract wildlife, they’re also great features to have in the garden to help you relax and de-stress. Birdbaths are a great way to attract birds that will be looking for somewhere to cool off once the weather heats up.

Plan and Gather Inspiration

Now that the garden is tidy and ready for the new season, you can take a step back to start planning for the season ahead. Read blogs, look at photos and think about how you’re going to plant your garden and whether you want to include any new features. By the time the weather warms up, you will have an idea of how you want to present your garden and be ready to run with your ideas.

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