Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Garden


It can feel like no matter how many plants or features you add to your garden, you just can’t seem to find a way to put your own personal stamp on it. Usually, it’s because we’re scared of doing something to our garden that could ruin the look of it completely. If you feel that your garden could do with some TLC to give it a bit more character, here are some simple tips:

Outdoor Seating Area

With an array of quirky and unique garden furniture, adding a seating area is the perfect way to inject character into your garden. It’s up to you whether you want to use furniture that is purely decorative or if you really want to create a luxury garden and use furniture that will provide you with a comfortable space where you can read a book or have a snooze. With the trend of outdoor seating areas on the rise, people are starting to bring the comfort of their living rooms outside and create a space in which they can relax and enjoy the sun. So, why not find a quiet space where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoor space you’ve created?

York Stone is perfect for creating an outdoor patio area that you can enjoy all year round. A hard wearing and durable material, it won’t become slippery in the winter and will improve with age and even heavy wear and tear. Take a look at our full range of York Stone paving for inspiration.

Bird Feeder

Sometimes it’s the small details that can really add character to your garden. Instead of going for a standard bird feeder, why not spruce it up a little and go for one of the more quirky ones? Bird feeders can range from poppy bird feeder dishes to a small bird feeder house. This way, not only are you providing a source of food for the wildlife, but you’ll also be adding a special, unique feature to your garden.


Training your plants to grow around an obelisk or an arch is an easy, effective way to add a nice feature to your garden. Not only will this provide you with a way to support your plants, but adding an obelisk or arch is a simple way to add a prominent feature within your garden. Whether you use an obelisk to add some structure and height, or an arch is used to provide shade over a seating area, there are many ways in which they can be used to contribute some more character to your garden at a small expense.

Fire Pit/Grill Area

No matter how imaginative they are, a fire pit can add to the look of your garden and allow you to optimise the time that you spend out there. They provide a source of warmth and cosiness when the evening chill kicks in, and a means of making sure your guests can stay a bit longer- as they’re perfect to socialise around. They’re also perfect for roasting marshmallows with your kids, whilst also providing a magical light source that will no doubt keep them enthused.

Or, if you want to go that step further, why not create an outdoor grill area? Again, these are perfect for when you have guests, but having one also means you can make the best use of a patio area and bring your kitchen outdoors.


Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to complement your garden and add a bit of life at night time. With the trend of garden lights taking off in the last few years, there’s a wide selection of lights that you can choose from- whether you want to illuminate a patio area or give your garden a magical glow during the evening. To add a bit more magic to your garden at night, try wrapping string lights around a tree trunk, or hang solar panel tea lights from the branches. In doing this, you can help your garden to transition from a beautiful outdoor space in the day to a magical, moonlit area at night.

Colourful Fence/Shed

More often than not a basic brown, wooden fence can make your garden appear more dull than it actually is. If you feel like this might be your problem, why not try bringing your fence or shed to life by painting it with a bright colour? Don’t let the idea of bright colours like sunshine yellow or hot pink put you off the idea of painting your fence or shed, you can always try the more subtle approach of painting them in pastel colours, such as a baby blue or soft lilac. This is a simple way of brightening up your garden and adding a lot of character with minimum effort.


Photo credit to Belle (IG @designermumetc)

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