Protecting Your Yorkstone Patio From Winter


Winter will soon be upon us, meaning your patio could be at risk of damage from the cold weather that comes along with it. There are many precautions that can be taken to prevent your patio from becoming damaged if you’re concerned about the weather taking its toll on your York Stone. Take a look at some of these tips to help you protect it from frosty temperatures:


Cleaning your patio regularly is a must. It’s important to clean your patio as moss and algae can build up and make the surface slippery. This isn’t necessarily a good thing as a slippery patio surface could cause injury if it were to cause someone to fall. To clean your patio, use a bristle brush and a soap based product with hot or cold water in order to lift grime and dirt of your stone. Alternatively, if you have a jet washer this would be equally as good to use when cleaning your patio.


The moisture from rain and snow can ruin your Yorkstone patio if it’s not tended to properly. To ensure your patio is kept in the best condition during the winter, try applying a waterproof coating or sealant in order to help your patio repel moisture and keep it pristine. Even if your patio is already sealed, this can wear off after a few years so, if that’s the case, find out about your sealer’s lifespan and whether your patio might need resealing or not.

Snow shovelling

Although it’s important to rid some of the snow off your patio, it’s vital that you make sure you’re using the right shovel so you’re not causing even more damage to your York Stone. When shovelling snow, avoid using any shovel that has a metal blade that could possibly scratch or chip the surface. Instead, try opting for a rubber-edged shovel that will be easier on your patio whilst still doing the same job.

Another tip for getting rid of snow or ice from your patio is by using lukewarm water to melt it away. It’s important that you use lukewarm water and not hot water, as the extreme change in temperatures could further damage your York Stone.

Store Patio Furniture

To prevent your patio furniture from getting damaged during the winter, be sure to store it somewhere or use covers to protect them. However, be careful if you have any wrought iron or other metal furniture on your patio as the these items tend to rust when left standing in the same place for an extended period of time and can stain your Yorkstone patio. To prevent this from happening, remove any rust and spray the metal with an acrylic spray to prevent it from rusting again. You should also place caps on the ends of the metal parts to shield your patio from them.

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