How to calculate the amount of stone you need


We try to make it as easy as possible to see the exact kind of stone you’re choosing and how much you might need on our site. Most of our stone as a quantity calculator on the product page itself, to take the guesswork out of your order, but here are some general things to bear in mind.

• If you’re ordering paving if you measure the total length and width required then multiply them together you’ll get the total square meterage you need. (Remember it never hurts to measure twice to make sure.)

• Walling is generally sold by the tonne but if you want to work out the square meterage you need to measure the total length of the wall and the total height then multiply those numbers together.

• If you are building a double skin wall (i.e. both sides of a wall, as opposed to a single skin cladding with a concrete wall supporting it) you’ll need double the quantity.

• For example a wall 10m long and 0.5m high would require 5 sq metres of stone. A double skin wall of that size would require 10 sq metres.

"Hebden buff"
I Had 6 pieces of 400 mm x 1000 mm hebden buff sawn yorkstone delivered which was used for seating areas, it was excellent quality and was delivered on time, good communications and will use again.
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"Knowledgable and helpful staff in the…"
Knowledgable and helpful staff in the sales office. Quick delivery which turned up at the designated time. Stunning product that exceeded my expectations.
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