Choosing the Right Paving Stone For Your Garden


When looking for paving stone for your garden it can often be difficult to know what products to use, especially when there’s such a large range that can be used for different purposes. If you’re struggling to choose the right paving stone for your garden, here are some things to think about first:


When choosing paving stones for your garden it’s important to consider whether you want it to correspond with the style of your house or if you want your garden to have its own independent style. If your home is more on the contemporary side then going with paving that is sleek and sharper looking will help to allow your interior and exterior to complement each other. If is how you’d like your garden to look, try looking at our New Swan York Stone Paving to give your garden and clean and sleek finishing touch. However, if you want to give your garden a more traditional feel, try using Yorkstone Supplies’ Crazy Paving or our New Riven Hand-Fettled Paving.


It’s also vital to consider where you will be placing the paving in your garden in order for it to complement the space that it is in. If you’re paving in a shaded area of your garden, you might want to consider going for a tone of stone that will add a touch of brightness. Try going for our New Sawn York Stone Paving in Marshall Blue, adding a light and unique look to any area that needs brightening up.

Wear and Tear

If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting solution avoid using stone that can become slippery once it has rained or gets covered in moss due to lack of sun. York Stone paving is perfect for all weathers and will not become worn or unusable in poor weather conditions. In fact, it just gets better with age! When using York Stone’s Reclaimed Street Grade Paving, a natural stone sealant can be applied to avoid any potential slipperiness when weather conditions are poor.


With any project it’s important to think about budget. If you want to eventually landscape your whole garden but you don’t have enough to cover the costs, it may be best to carry out your project bit by bit. It’s better to gradually get your garden looking spectacular at a greater cost than having it look abysmal and disappointing because you did it in the cheapest way possible.


On the other hand, if you’re using York Stone paving for purely decorative reasons then our New Sawn Paving is perfect for a range of projects, such as: Steps, risers, copings, and so on. The stone is diamond sawn on six sides to create a smooth, finished look.

"Hebden buff"
I Had 6 pieces of 400 mm x 1000 mm hebden buff sawn yorkstone delivered which was used for seating areas, it was excellent quality and was delivered on time, good communications and will use again.
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Knowledgable and helpful staff in the sales office. Quick delivery which turned up at the designated time. Stunning product that exceeded my expectations.
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