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Yorkstone: Proud to be British

Why buy British paving? For some, it is a matter of patriotism and supporting the local economy. For others it is about protecting the environment. Whatever the reason, buying stone sourced in Great Britain makes sense on so many levels.

Take York Stone for example. This sandstone is quarried in Yorkshire, from the very land on which we live and as such is going to aesthetically suit the landscape and other natural building materials of these isles.

Those that quarry and process the Yorkstone are trained adults being paid a good living wage and experience good working conditions. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in mines and quarries in the developing work from which some building materials are sourced. It is a sad truth that in India, for example, children are still being used as slave labour to quarry stone.

By buying British stone you are helping to support jobs associated with its production and making a stand against child labour. Further, you are also ensuring that your building material has been finished to a high standard by professional craftsmen.

It is also worth considering the carbon footprint of stone delivered from the other side of the world. Stone from India or China is flown or shipped to the UK across thousands of miles causing many tons of greenhouse gases to be pumped out into the environment. Whereas Yorkstone only needs to travel a few hundred miles at most to reach anywhere in the UK.

Invest in Britain: Buy Yorkstone

When you are next looking for stone, think about where it comes from, how it was produced and how it got here. If you want to ensure you like the answers to all these questions then my advice is to buy British: buy Yorkstone.

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