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Reclaimed York Stone Flags, mixed grade

£115 per SQM + VAT

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Our Reclaimed Mixed Grade York Stone Flags contain a mixture of smooth and riven flags in various colours from light buff to dark grey. This type of paving provides a much more economical way of installing York Stone and is a practical and cost-effective solution. All of our Reclaimed York Stone has been hand selected to be the highest quality and the stone is extremely durable and guaranteed to last for years to come despite weather conditions and heavy traffic.

Unlike our other grades of Reclaimed York Stone, some of this Mixed Grade paving may have been subjected to sandblasting in order to remove excess dirt or staining. If you’re looking to recreate an ‘aged project’ from scratch, these Reclaimed Mixed Grade York Stone Flags are the best product.

This particular grade has a tolerance between 1 and 4 inches in thickness and this must be taken into consideration when preparing the ground for installation.

All of our reclaimed paving can be viewed at our Head Office in Cranleigh, Surrey, before purchase. Each batch of paving will vary from the images shown on the website so viewing is highly recommended to make sure you receive the right product for your project. If you are unable to visit in person, we are happy to send out small samples along with an email containing images of current stock along with images of recently completed projects.

Maintenance of the stone: If your paving or pathway is in a high traffic area or there are a lot of trees and foliage, we would recommend applying a natural stone sealant in order to protect the stone from staining and any potential slipperiness in poor weather conditions.

We would recommend a pointing gap of between 8-15mm.

Delivery & Returns

We use a vast network of independent haulage companies and depots to provide our customers with the most cost effective yorkstone delivery solutions. We employ a shared load system for smaller orders and make use of distribution depots to improve the efficiency of our nationwide delivery system.

With all this in place we are able to arrange deliveries to most parts of the U.K. for very reasonable rates whatever the size of your order.

See what our customers have to say...

We have quite a big project going on in the garden and our gardeners have installed a gabion wall.After installing the gabions we were looking around for something to fill them with and found Yorkstone supplies.

I ordered the dry stone walling and It was delivered very quickly. Donna, who took my order was very knowledgeable and helpful. Just this week we realised we didn’t have enough to fill all the gabions, but Donna managed to get me a delivery the next day which was great.

Very pleased with the service.

D Chan-Lok

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