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Yorkstone Supplies

Vintage York stone

‘Vintage’ has become fashionable over the last decade, from clothing to household items. We believe this is why Reclaimed York Stone has always held itself in the marketplace. Original, vintage or preloved, the label doesn’t matter. Reclaimed York Stone will give an aged appearance to any project.

Cathedral Grade York Stone

Cathedral Grade York Stone is the highest quality. It is so called because it is often found in churches with a beautifully smooth surface from many years of footfall. This grade of York Stone can be used for many external and internal projects. Particularly good for heat insulation for underfloor heating, it is a hard wearing, stable and durable stone. It’s smooth surface is a sign of age and antiquity and you know that you’re buying a stone with character.  This stone makes an impact on any project, due to its beauty and patternation.

The recovery of Reclaimed stone is a job that requires a level of skill and dedication in order to ensure each piece is lifted intact to minimise damage. We are dedicated to the preservation of York Stone therefore, we take great care when visiting reclamation sites. We want you to receive the best quality York Stone.

Vintage Reclaimed York Stone Cathedral Grade is the very best quality money can buy!

St Martha’s Priory

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