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Why Should You use York Stone for your Home Improvements?

There are many building materials you can use in your home and garden improvements. However, few can match both new and reclaimed York Stone for its aesthetic and practical benefits. York Stone is an incredibly versatile material that can be used in a wide variety of ways. Here are just a few of the reasons you should use York Stone in your home and garden.


York Stone has been widely used around the UK for centuries due to its attractive qualities. Quarried from the Yorkshire areas, each piece of stone is unique and provides a look unmatched by other materials. The appearance of York Stone improves with age and the weathering process creates character for each piece of stone.

One of the advantages of York Stone is its ability to weather naturally and improve in character with age. Many paving manufacturers have tried to recreate this look but nothing matches natural York Stone, left to weather over time. Chips or damage blend into the stone and even add more character whereas damaged concrete paving loses its effect. If you’re looking for an older, more weathered look, try reclaimed York Stone. It’s recovered from sites across the UK to be reused elsewhere and adds an historic look to any project.

York Stone has a huge amount of colour variation. Each piece of stone has its own unique character, something that concrete cannot replicate, even though many manufacturers have tried.

Match Existing Projects

An extension or landscaping project for an older home can look mismatched if new building materials are used. Reclaimed stone is perfect for fitting into an existing project due to the weathered nature of the stone. Reclaimed York Stone is already weathered, perfect for adding character and blending in with the look of a property.

At Yorkstone Supplies, we supply York Stone in a range of colours and conditions to help you find the material that most closely matches your home and project.


York Stone is one of the most durable and hard wearing materials available. It is commonly used for paving public areas across the UK and especially in London due to its hard wearing nature. In places that see high volumes of traffic or footfall, York Stone wears well, making it look even more attractive.

Due to its durable nature, York Stone is much longer lasting and cost-effective than concrete.

For use both indoors and outdoors

Not only can York Stone be used for patios, driveways and paths, it can also be used in the structure of your home in the form of lintel stones and steps. You can even use York Stone Flags inside your home to create a more rustic feel and look.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and, with the help of York Stone Flags, you can make yours look stunning. Many people believe that York Stone Flags can make a room feel colder in winter however, this is not the case. If placed in a heated room, stone floors can retain heat, make the room feel much warmer and prevent your feet from getting cold! York Stone floors are easy to clean and cannot be scratched or cracked as easily as traditional kitchen tiles.

Wide range of uses

Whether you choose to use reclaimed or new York Stone, it has a wide range of uses and can be used around your home and garden in a number of ways. You might be looking to create a feature in your garden such as a rockery or patio that looks attractive but will also be hard wearing. Or you might be looking to renovate your home and include stone that will match the original building and blend in well. Whatever the purpose, at Yorkstone Supplies, we’ve got the York Stone to suit you.


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