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Top Tips for Improving the Kerb Appeal of Your Home

When it comes to the outside of your home, first impressions are extremely important. Whether you’re thinking of selling or you want visitors to be wowed by the exterior of your home, there are many simple changes you can make to improve the kerb appeal of your home. From low budgets to spending more to perfect the look of your home, there’s something for everyone. Here are our top tips for improving the kerb appeal of your home.

Clear Pathways

The approach to your front door is an important element to your home’s kerb appeal. Make sure you clear pathways of debris, leaves and dirt. If you don’t have a path yet, think about installing one to lead visitors to your front door in an attractive way.

Our York stone paving is perfect for creating an attractive and grand entrance to your home. We stock paving, stone steps and coping stones to help you improve the look of your home.

Add Greenery

If you don’t have much space for flower beds, even just adding small trees or plants in pots along your pathway or around the front door is a great way to add a splash of colour to the front of your home. Flowers are a great way to line the way to your front door and make the front of your home look more appealing.


If you have a driveway, it usually serves a practical purpose and can be overlooked as an attractive feature by itself. Put some thought into the design and layout of your driveway in order to add to the kerb appeal of your home. When you have a larger driveway, you can even incorporate flowerbeds into the design to help you add more colour and greenery.


Whether you have a driveway or just a front garden, paving is a great way to transform it into a practical yet attractive space. Whether you want to create a paved pathway or somewhere safe to park your car

At Yorkstone Supplies, we provide a wide range of York stone paving and cobbles which are perfect for creating an appealing space around your home.

Front Door

Your front door can make a huge impact to the look of your home so make sure you give it a thorough clean and remove any dust, dirt or cobwebs. If you want to go one step further, why not give it a new lease of life with some fresh paint and a splash of colour in order to give your property more character.

Garden features

If you want to give your front garden more personality or a focal point, try a feature such as a water feature or bird bath to add a central focal point to the front of your home.

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