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Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Dining Area

As summer quickly approaches, many of us are looking forward to long days in the sun and time in the garden. We all enjoy time spent outside whether it’s a morning coffee on the patio or an al fresco dinner party. So we’ve put together our top tips to help you create the perfect outdoor dining area.

Make it comfortable

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time out on your patio, think about what’s going to make it the most comfortable for you. That might mean extra privacy, comfortable seating or something to protect you from the heat of the sun. This will help you to get the most out of the space and ensure that you actually want to use it when the weather’s just right.

Add seating

Every garden has room for even the smallest table so that two of you can enjoy dining in the garden. Adding a table and chairs to your patio gives you somewhere to gather and enjoy meals and barbeques all summer. Keep additional seating and benches on standby to accommodate extra guests and keep a couple of foldaway tables so that you can extend your dining area for guests without having a cluttered patio.

Treat your patio as another room

Just because there are no walls around your patio, it doesn’t mean it can’t be decorated in the same way as the interior of your home. If you’ve got the space, create separate areas for eating and sitting. You could even consider all-weather sofas, tables and armchairs to make the space even more comfortable. Add plants and other decorations to create a space you can really enjoy and prevent the patio from looking like a flat space.

Add Cooking Equipment 

As many of us continue to enjoy al fresco dining, more and more people look to build cooking equipment such as barbecues and pizza ovens built into the garden. These are one of the biggest trends for this summer and make it even easier to incorporate an outdoor kitchen. Who wants to be continuously running in and out of the house with plates of hot food? Barbecues and pizza ovens allow the cook to remain part of the party and are a great talking point when you have guests round. If you want something different to the traditional barbecue, a pizza oven could be

If you want something different to the traditional barbecue, a pizza oven could be a perfect choice. Plus, you don’t just have to stick to pizza! Pizza ovens can be used for a range of different meals and will keep your dining area warm that you can keep the party going even when the outdoor temperature cools.

Choose a solid floor

Wherever you choose to create your outdoor space, a solid base is essential. York Stone Paving is perfect for creating outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed all year round. York Stone is hard wearing, attractive and the perfect material for a great outdoor dining space.

Reclaimed Yorkstone paving slabs

Plan space carefully

When designing any outdoor space, think about the space in relation to the furniture and decorations you want to buy. Take into account the space you’ll need for manoeuvring around furniture and how you’ll accommodate guests. Barbecues and large outdoor furniture are all the rage but they can take up a lot of space so think about the scale of your garden very carefully and incorporate it into your plans and designs.

Use lighting

Having outdoor lighting in your garden will mean that you can enjoy it for even longer on summer evenings. Fairy and solar lights are great for dotting around the garden and providing illumination. If you’re planning to build a whole new patio, why not incorporate lighting into the design and make sure you’ve got all the necessary cables and power in the right place at the design stage.

If you’re looking to build your own outdoor dining area, at Yorkstone Supplies, we’ve got a range of products that will help you to create an attractive and hard wearing dining area that you can enjoy all year round.

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