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Top Tips for Creating an Environmentally Friendly Garden

Everyone knows about the effects of global warming and we all look for small measures we can make in our everyday lives to help slow down the damage to our planet. Although changes may seem small, if everyone was to play their part, we could make a huge impact. Recycling, reducing car use, minimising the use of chemicals at home and purchasing more energy efficient appliances are all methods we can use to contribute to a lower carbon footprint.

But, did you know that there are also measures you can take within your garden? It’s widely recognised that plants and trees are needed to provide essential oxygen for our ecosystem and human life. So, any changes you can make could have a real impact. Try a few of these tips and enjoy a different way of gardening whilst contributing to a better future.

Make your own Compost

Instead of throwing your household waste into a landfill site, why not utilise it and create your own compost bin? Home-made compost is full of rich nutrients that are perfect for producing healthy, thriving plants. Why waste your money on chemical rich commercial products when you can create something even better and more beneficial?

Apart from stimulating healthy root development, rich compost can help to improve soil texture, aeration and water retention. All of which helps to create a healthy garden that you can enjoy but, more importantly, has a positive impact.

Grow your own Food

Do you buy organic vegetables to avoid chemicals and contribute to lower emissions? What if you could grow your own organic food? Buying organic vegetables can start to get pricey so creating a dedicated space in your garden for growing could actually help you to save money. You’d be surprised at the number of fruits and vegetables you can grow whilst creating a green space full of rich nutrients and reducing your carbon footprint in the process.

Harvest Rain Water

If there’s one thing we’re not short of here in the UK, it’s rain. Adding a rain barrel to your garden is an inexpensive and effortless way to capture mineral and chlorine free water. You can use it for watering your plants, lawn and even washing your car or windows! This is harnessing natural resources at its best and you will see a reduction in your water costs.

Choose Native Plants

Although it might be tempting to buy rare or exotic plants for your garden to make it interesting and colourful, native plants are much more environmentally friendly. Due to being planted in their natural environment, they require much less water and fertiliser and have a beneficial impact on local wildlife and insects.


Attract Wildlife

In addition to growing native plants, you could also add in hideaways such as insect or bird houses. Bees and butterflies, in particular, are crucial to the growth of your garden because they are pollinators. By keeping your garden pesticide and chemical free, you will help them to thrive. Did you know that pesticides have been linked to the long-term decline of wild bees in the UK? And the problem’s growing across Europe too! In some cases there are not enough bees to pollinate crops which could cause global problems.

Reclaimed Stone

Heavily paved areas are detrimental to local wildlife and can prevent water from naturally seeping into soil to reach the water table. Instead, the run-off leaks into overloaded drains and contributes to flash flooding. However, many of us want somewhere to sit and enjoy our gardens so we build patios as an extension of our indoor space. Avoid paving over the whole garden and use reclaimed materials to make this more environmentally friendly.

Reclaimed York Stone is perfect if you want to pave parts of your garden but keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. Reclaimed stone is just as effective, if not more so than brand new stone. It is also more eco-friendly because it reduces manufacturing and transportation costs.

At Yorkstone Supplies, we supply a wide range of high-quality reclaimed York Stone from sites across the UK.

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