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Top Paving & Landscaping Trends for 2018

The New Year is almost upon us and it will be spring before we know it so it’s important to start looking ahead at next year’s paving and landscaping trends to get your plans in place as soon as possible if you want to enjoy your garden next summer or even in the winter too! Here are the top trends to look out for next year.

1.Making the Most of Small Spaces

We all know that space is at a premium in the UK with many homeowners making do with small gardens, courtyards and even balconies as everyone tries to get as much fresh air as possible whilst enjoying the health benefits of being able to spend time outside. Homeowners and landscapers are becoming even more determined to transform even the smallest spaces into useful and attractive gardens. Everything in a small garden should be multifunctional and allow you to use the space in a variety of different ways.

Floating benches are a top trend in small spaces because they provide seating without taking up large amounts of space. You can add a folding table or a firepit near the seating to give the seating even more functions!

Patios tend to be popular in small spaces because they’re attractive but also provide usable space for sitting out, eating and socialising. Many people also choose to leave small spaces within or around the patio for planting too. York Stone paving is perfect for smaller spaces due to its attractive and natural qualities.

2.Balcony Living and Vertical Gardening

Speaking of small spaces, turning balconies into usable outdoor spaces is also rising in popularity. This trend is perfect for renters who are unable to completely change the space but who can add plants and seating to either grow their own fruit and vegetables or simply enjoy the health benefits.

Vertical gardening is becoming less niche and much more affordable as the grow your own trend also grows. This style of gardening allows you to grow in the smallest of spaces – you could even grow your own herb garden inside.


There are so many mass-produced products available on the market that many people are looking to add something handcrafted and a little more unique to their gardens. Handcrafted products also add a more rustic, natural look to the garden which is another trend that many are turning to in order to blend their gardens in with surrounding nature.

At Yorkstone Supplies, we quarry our products directly from our own quarry in Halifax, Yorkshire. Our expert stonemasons hand finish each piece of paving and we even provide unique garden features such as birdbaths to provide you with something a little different for your garden or patio.

4.Soft Lighting

Garden lighting has been a popular trend for a number of years but, as it has risen in popularity, it is also becoming much more affordable. You can choose from fairy lights to lights to brighten your garden path. Solar powered and rechargeable lights save you the effort of maintaining them or charging them regularly.

Solar lights are a great way to light your patio and create a soft atmosphere as you sit out on summer evenings. The developments in this type of lighting have extended the amount of time you can spend out on your patio in the evenings.

5.Blending old and new

We’re not usually used to mixing old and new styles and traditional and modern trends tend to be opposing. However, in 2018, this blending is becoming more popular. You can have a traditional garden and add in modern elements or the other way around. The way the elements are combined to be carefully planned to create a strong contrast.

York Stone is a traditional material and, reclaimed York Stone, in particular, gives projects an aged and worn look, so you could create a traditional patio combined with modern furniture.

6.Winter Barbeques

Barbeques are not only popular in the summer! Around the world, other countries use their barbeques all year round. Even those that are colder than the UK.

Fire pits, outdoor lighting, covers and outdoor heaters are making winter barbeques even more possible and less cold and uncomfortable than they usually would be.

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