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Top Gardening Jobs for the Easter Weekend

Easter traditionally marks the beginning of spring and the long weekend is often the first time many of us poke our heads out of the door and start to look at the garden again after the winter.

The long weekend is an excuse to tend to the garden and spend long spring days enjoying the weather conditions which could be anything from sun, wind, rain, sleet or snow in the UK! Here are just a few of the gardening jobs you could do to fill time over the long weekend and prepare your garden for the new season.


Weeds can be the bane of many gardener’s lives. They thrive in slightly lower temperatures than plants and flowers so seem to spread at this time of year as the weather gets slightly warmer and the days get longer. Try and catch them early before they have the chance to spread across your garden – this will make life much easier during the warmer months and give the bulbs, flowers and seeds you’ve planted a better chance.

Visit a garden centre

If you’re prepared to brave the rush of people who have run out of ideas for bank holiday activities or are desperate to get out in the garden, you could brave your local garden centre. Stock up on compost, hanging baskets, plant pots, seeds and bulbs so that you and your garden are well prepared for the new season.

Lawn care

Nothing will make your garden seem tidier or fresher than a newly cut lawn. Spring is often the first time the grass has been cut since the end of the summer so make sure your lawn mower is not set too short otherwise you’ll end up with patchy grass. Feed your lawn now in time for all the April showers to promote growth and keep your lawn looking healthy.

At this time of year, grass starts to grow rapidly so taking care of it over the long weekend will save you a huge amount of time in the coming months.

Plant fruit and vegetables

If you’re looking to grow your own fruit and vegetables this year, now is the perfect time to start planting them. Remember that the temperature can still drop at this time of year so keep an eye out and make sure you cover your plants to keep them alive and thriving until the weather gets warmer.

Plan/Build New Features

Taking the time to plan and decide on new features or landscaping you want to include in your garden now will help you to get more enjoyment out of it in the coming months. Think about whether you want to build a patio, rockery, revamp your garden walls or make other improvements. At Yorkstone Supplies, we supply a range of products to help you get the most out of your garden in any weather and create attractive, durable and long-lasting features in your garden.

Make the most of the long weekend, if we’re lucky enough to have good weather and make sure your garden’s in top condition and ready for spring.

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