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Top 5 Benefits of York Stone Paving

If you’re thinking of paving your garden or any other element of your home, York Stone paving offers a great solution. Whether you choose new York Stone paving or Reclaimed York Stone, there’s something for all tastes and styles. York Stone can be a little more expensive than other paving materials but its benefits and durability far outweigh the costs. Here are just a few of the benefits of York Stone paving.

A Rich History

York Stone has a long and rich history in cities and buildings not just in the UK but around the world too. Quarried in its Yorkshire home, it’s a local product chosen for its wide range of benefits. Reclaimed York Stone, in particular, can be centuries old, originating from old northern mills, stately homes and pavements around the UK. As it ages, York Stone only gets better with time which makes it even more appealing. Each piece is taken from the quarry and so each piece is unique with colour variants giving the stone depth and history.

Timeless Appeal

York Stone is a stone that will never fall out of popularity. It has a timeless appeal and is still used in construction projects today. When you use York Stone within your property, you know that you’re choosing a stone that will remain current and attractive for hundreds of years.


If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting solution, York Stone is the answer. It is traditionally used on busy high streets because it can withstand heavy use and traffic without becoming worn. In fact, a worn appearance only adds to its appeal. This stone can withstand heavy weights which is why it’s so commonly used.

Many Uses

When it comes to York Stone there are no limitations to its uses. It can be used for a wide variety of projects due to its flexible nature. It’s used in buildings, paving, gardens, homes and so much more around the world. York Stone is particularly great for use indoors because it conducts heat extremely well. Many people use it within their homes alongside underfloor heating systems.

We supply stone in a variety of different forms. From steps to walling stone and from coping stones to garden features.

Add Value to your Home

Due to the expensive nature of York Stone, if you use it in your home or garden, it’s sure to add value to your home. An attractive patio that turns your garden into a usable space will already make it much more appealing but the value and nature of York Stone will make it even more so.

Reclaimed Yorkstone paving slabs

Environmentally friendly

By choosing local, British stone, you choose a much more environmentally friendly paving option. Quarrying and transporting the stone uses far fewer emissions than importing the stone from abroad.

Reclaimed York Stone is even more friendly because it has already been quarried. By reclaiming it, we save it from being destroyed and recycle the materials for new purposes. We give it a new lease of life and help to continue its long history.

If you want to know more about York Stone products, please take a look at our full range or get in touch with our customer service team.

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