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Recycle, Re-Use, Relax with Reclaimed York stone

We are all used to being conscious of waste, land fill and recycling in the home, but we often neglect other areas where we can be a bit more re-use savvy. The garden is one such area, installing New York stone for patios and terraces, might look great, however the majority of customers ask how long it will take to ‘weather down’, making the Reclaimed York stone another option to explore.

Reclaimed York stone has been exposed to the elements, allowing it to age naturally, which gives it the ‘weathered’ aged appearance that is so desirable.  You will be installing a little piece of history with each slab that is laid. Reclaimed York stone has the added benefit of once being laid, it looks as though it has been there forever, an instant upgrade without looking ‘brand new’.

It isn’t just Reclaimed York stone Paving that can be an addition to your garden, there are many other items that have been fashioned from York stone that bring a creative design element to a project, for instance simple York stone water troughs, these have been used for centuries to water livestock in farms, fields etc. In the later part of the 20th century, many of these were disposed of to make way for more enduring metal water troughs. However, these are now highly sort after for decorative planters, water features and miniature herb gardens.

These troughs are durable and rustic, each one being unique, you wouldn’t find anything to match the quality and appeal in a garden centre. These are truly unique pieces of history.

We have seen many of these troughs turned into water features (as per image), this is not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to a garden, but can  be seen as a benefit to physical and mental wellbeing, aside from the natural sound of water being therapeutic and relaxing.  Health benefit continue with flowing water, this helps to produce negative ions, these clear the air and prevent hazardous air born particles from forming.  This has an effect on our Seratonin levels, which are responsible for our mood, if they become too low it can lead to depression, by ionisation, the levels of Seratonin can increase, making us feel happier.   

Why not make your garden a happy, peaceful and health benefiting zone.


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