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Yorkstone Supplies

Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving

Reclaimed York Stone Paving

Reclaimed York Stone Paving provides a great way to transform an area without it looking newly completed. Reclaimed York Stone is previously aged, an antique stone that has been recovered, rescued or simply replaced. This is the original form of recycling!

Reclaimed York Stone can be used for both internal and external projects. Using the stone in a kitchen or dining area and continuing outside is a great way to create a garden room. You can extend your living area, giving a sense of space, even in the smallest of town gardens. The grading process of York Stone is based on these following primary factors; thickness of the stone and the face, patternation, weathering and texture.

Reclaimed Cathedral Grade York Stone 

Reclaimed Cathedral Grade York Stone is approximately 2-3 inches in thickness with a smooth, foot worn appearance. This can be used both externally and internally and is a great addition to a farmhouse kitchen. It can also give character to a modern kitchen, creating a marriage between the two.  Cathedral Grade York stone will give an immediate feeling of character to a project, giving an overall sense of age.

Cathedral Grade can be used to match existing patios, where a repair is needed or an extension has been added.  All of our Reclaimed Cathedral Grade York Stone is carefully hand selected. We source our stone directly from Yorkshire and Lancashire, from a variety of sources. For example, Cathedrals and Churches that are being de-consecrated, as well private sales, all of our stone has provenance.

Reclaimed Street Grade York Stone

Reclaimed Street Grade York Stone is approximately 2-4 inches in thickness. It has a more weathered texture, the face being slightly rougher in appearance than Cathedral Grade York Stone. Although a more weathered stone, they are as equally attractive once laid, giving a more rustic feel to a project. All of our Reclaimed Street Grade York Stone has been sourced from high streets, back streets and large city projects. However, Reclaimed Street Grade York Stone is not limited to the streets of Yorkshire and Lancashire, York stone was brought down to the south via Canal boats, making it just as prevalent within our capital, London.

Reclaimed York Stone Mill Flags

Reclaimed Yorkstone  Mill Flags are exactly as their name suggests! These flags are a York Stone product produced to withstand the weight of machinery within the mills and factories.  Due to the nature of this stone it has a thickness of between 4 and 6 inches, this makes this a perfect stone to use for driveways with regular heavy traffic.  We ensure that all of our Reclaimed Yorkstone Mill Flags are oil free and have nice smooth faces.

Our Reclaimed Yorkstone Mill Flags are sourced from factories and mills in and around the Yorkshire area.  Mill flags have been used for centuries, they are renowned for their durability and rustic appearance.  Mill flags have a history that is unique, many of these flags have seen history in the making from the industrial revolution to the decline of the mills and factories from the 1960’s onwards. Due to their unique thickness, consideration must be taken when planning and preapring the area for Reclaimed York Stone Mill Flags. Mill flags are much heavier than regular flags.

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