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About Brighouse Stone Quarry

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Brighouse stone quarry has been supplying yorkstone products for many years

We have a variety of products to choose from in our Brighouse stone range from sawn paving stone to walling stone. Our Brighouse stone range is a nice consistent buff colour and will suit most properties. We can supply steps, coping and paving bespoke to suite your needs.

How long has the quarry been in operation?

Brighouse quarry has provided stone to the surrounding area for over 100 years and walking around Brighouse you can really see the quality and durability of the stone.

What local buildings have used stone from Brighouse Quarry?

There are a number of local properties that have used stone from brighouse quarry for paving, building and recreational grounds…

How large is the operation?

The quarry currently spans over 50 acres with current licenses to mine stone for the next 10 years within a 1 acre plot. The quarry can mine down to around 50 metres with the current planning consent which in itself is enough to produce paving for another 50 years!

View our video below on how Sawn yorkstone paving is created;

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