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Preparing Your Garden for the Perfect Barbecue

As the weather heats up, more of us are flocking to garden centres and supermarkets to pick up barbecues, coals, burgers and sausages. It’s taken the summer a while to get going this year but it looks like it’s finally here. Al fresco dining is showing no sign of losing its appeal in the UK. Families are having almost four times more barbecues each summer than 10 years ago. This month, thousands will be flocking to Glastonbury to enjoy the great outdoors and music but not everyone can go. Following a few of these tips can help you bring a touch of Glastonbury to your garden.

Choose your barbecue

If you don’t already have one, buying a barbecue will be your first port of call. Although disposable barbecues can be a good investment, they’re quite small and will limit the amount you can cook. Some of them might even cause damage to your garden if they’re not used on the correct surface. If you only have a small garden, compact, affordable barbecues will last throughout the summer. For larger gardens, there are a wide variety of barbecues available in various sizes, styles and cooking methods. For an easier barbecue experience, you might want to try a gas barbecue.

If you want to integrate the barbecue into your garden completely for use time and time again, consider one of the biggest trends of this year, the built-in barbecue or pizza ovens.

Comfortable furniture

To ensure maximum enjoyment, furnish your garden with comfortable furniture. From relaxed, comfortable seating to a large dining table, there are many options to choose from when furnishing your garden.

Many people look to use their outdoor space as an extension of their house so furniture is no longer limited to hard, plastic chairs. You can even buy the equivalent of a 3-piece suite for your garden!


If your barbecues tend to last well into the evening and after dark, you might want to think about a form of outdoor heating to keep your family and guests warm and so that you can enjoy the great outdoors for even longer. Outdoor heaters can be bought and placed around your seating area or, you could consider a fire pit that will continue burning and give you something to gather around.

Create the perfect entertaining space

Our final tip is to transform your garden into the perfect entertaining space. After a few below average, soggy months, your garden might need some TLC to bring it back up to scratch. Trimming the hedges, cutting the grass and painting fences can quickly make the garden look much tidier.

If you don’t have any level ground to place a barbecue or seating area on, consider building a patio or decking to create a dedicated space for entertaining and hosting guests. At Yorkstone Supplies, we provide a range of patio stone. So, why not create an attractive, durable space to be used year after year without looking dated or old fashioned? Patios offer a low maintenance solution if you don’t have hours to spend pruning or weeding.

Some barbecues may continue into the night and will need adequate lighting. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of installing electrical lighting, try solar or battery powered lights. These lights have a decorative effect in addition to lighting paths and patios for your guests.

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