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Paving vs Decking: Which is Right for You?

Outdoor living space is seen by many as an essential amenity. A well planned outdoor space can provide enjoyment all year round and can even add value to your home. There’s no definitive answer as to whether paving or patios are better than decking. It all depends on your location, personal tastes and lifestyle. We’ve put together a list of pros and cons for each to help you decide which is best for you.


Paving will provide you with an outdoor space that you can enjoy all year round and, although it’s the more expensive option, it will last well over the long-term and requires very little maintenance to retain its attractiveness and quality. It also matches a wide variety of property styles and helps you to create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. At Yorkstone Supplies, we supply a wide range of York Stone products to help you create the perfect outdoor area for your garden that will match existing projects and style of your property.

Patios and paving require level ground so the preparation work for installation is much more time consuming and expensive. If your garden is built on a slope, it will require leveling off before the patio can be built, which is something to bear in mind when thinking about your budget.


Decking provides a cheaper alternative to paving, however; it requires much more regular maintenance to ensure that it remains an attractive and usable space that you can enjoy. Decking will need regular oiling and staining to prevent it from looking run down and unusable. Remember that during poor weather conditions, decking can become slippy so consider your lifestyle. If you have children who could slip and hurt themselves, decking might not be the right solution. Do you have time to maintain the decking so that you can use it all year round?

Decking is a natural looking material and does not have the same detrimental effect on the environment as paving. Decking can also be raised to match the floor level of your home meaning you can step straight out onto it. It doesn’t require a level surface so preparation work is less and more cost-effective than paving.

If you can’t decide between paving or decking, why not try a combination of the two? It could help you to create separate areas of your garden and make it look like you have even more space. Let your imagination run riot and get inspiration from online garden sites, magazines and even your neighbours.

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