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From Industrial Revolution to Modern Day Relaxation

As the modern world develops, many buildings from the past no longer serve the purpose for which they were intended. It is reassuring to know how that the valuable materials in the buildings can be salvaged. We recently undertook a reclamation project in order to supply another project with stone to fit with the style of their existing building. It’s great to see materials being reused as a result of our involvement.

Mill Stone


Atlas Mill, Bolton

At York Stone Supplies, we purchased the entire York Stone floor of Atlas Mill in Bolton. As part of a re-development project, we took the opportunity to reclaim a huge part of the industrial heritage. The Atlas Mills were home to some of the largest Cotton Mills which were powered by heavy machinery. The York Stone flags stood the weight of the looms spinning cotton for the growing textile industry. If the flags could speak, we’re sure there would be many tales to tell! The flags were foot worn and smooth faced. We collected approx 3000m2 and carefully gave the stone a grading score and added it to pallets for re sale.

Stone Re-Use

The Crieff Hotel in 1868 which was formely known as Strathearn Hydropathic Establishment Company.

The Crieff Hotel in 1868 which was formely known as Strathearn Hydropathic Establishment Company.

The Crieff Hydro Spa a luxury Spa Hotel in Perthshire required approx 250m2 of smooth faced York Stone and this acquired reclaimed stone was ideal for their purpose, The Crieff Hydro Spa started life in 1868 as the Strathearn Hydropathic Establishment Company, under the watchful eye of Doctor T H Meikle, who oversaw the practice of Victorians swimming in freezing waters, supposedly to encourage good health! Although the hotel has changed it’s name and, despite £40 million of investment, the lineage of the hotel remains the same. The project is even more fitting because the inventer of the Steam engine, James Watt, which powered the huge looms in Bolton, was from Scotland, which is now the new home of the floors from those very mills.

The Crieff Hydro now features the stone internally in the communal areas and bar.
Each time someone places their foot on this stone, they are unaware that they join invisible footsteps from history, stepping into the future with stone from the past.

Crieff Hydro Spa with Reclaimed York stone paving

Crieff Hydro Spa with Reclaimed York stone paving

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