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Your Guide to Creating a Man Cave for your Garden

For many men, a man cave is an absolute must. It’s somewhere to escape and relax away from the noise of the family home. Although many men have a dedicated room in the house, the trend has now shifted outside of the home too. Creating a man cave in the garden provides more space and can be used all year round if it’s considered carefully. Or for the more fair weathered, during the summer. In addition, you can enjoy an endless supply of fresh air and not being confined to the four walls of one room. From outdoor cinemas to bars and lounge areas, the possibilities are endless!

Bar sheds

A Bar Shed is the latest man cave trend. Perfect for both summer and winter, why not convert your existing shed into a bar? It’s somewhere to escape to when you need time away from hectic family life.  Or, why not invite friends over to enjoy a range of beverages? Incorporate hobbies with a pool table or table tennis or add a television to make it really comfortable space.

Fire pit

If you want to extend your man cave or bar shed further out into the garden, think about installing a fire pit. Fire pits are another recent trend and mean you can enjoy your garden for longer in the day and throughout the year. Enjoy a drink or meal around the fire and then retreat to your man cave where the fire starts to die down. In addition to keeping you warm and creating a great atmosphere, you can also use fire pits for cooking. Go one better than a barbecue and impress your friends with your pit cooking skills.

An outdoor seating area and fire pit is a great addition to any home. When you’re not enjoying the peace and quiet of your man cave, you can always enjoy it with the family!

Pizza Oven

A popular outdoor cooking trend, pizza ovens are a great addition to any man cave or garden space. If you install it just outside your man cave, you could even use the pizza oven during the colder months and retreat to the warmth and entertainment once the food is ready.


If your partner is constantly asking you to turn the volume down when watching your favourite action movie or you need to keep the volume down so you don’t wake up your children, you could turn your shed into a home cinema.

You might have to spend extra to have your shed insulated but add some comfortable chairs, a large screen or projector, surround sound and even a bar and you’ve got the perfect cinema space. If you consider the layout carefully, you could even open the doors in the summer and enjoy a film outside on the lawn or patio.

You could even stream some of the UK’s most popular music festivals and host your own mini Glastonbury in the garden.


If you’re more handy and want somewhere to escape to in order to enjoy your hobbies or somewhere quiet to do DIY, why not create your own outdoor workshop? Create a work bench and include storage for all of your tools and you’ve got the perfect place to start building without being interrupted to clear the table for dinner!

There are so many different options for creating a man cave and whether you want to enjoy it in the summer or all year round, there’s an option for everyone.

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