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Gift Ideas for the Green Fingered Dad

It’s almost Father’s Day again and chances are you’re struggling to find him a gift that he will cherish.

This is why we’ve put together a list of amazing presents both practical and humorous for the man that can always be found working away in the garden. So here’s to the main man in your life, may he be showered with adoration and love on the 16th of June.

In this list we’ve put together a collection of gifts that any gardening dad would covet. However, we can’t take away all the responsibility, so be sure to order soon so that they arrive on time!

The Joker Dad

Here’s one cool t-shirt that will put a smile on his face and give him a good chuckle, after all we all love a dad joke, right? With a present cooler than his own dad jokes, you can’t go wrong.

Gardening Dad Tshirt

The Sentimental Dad

Nothing shows you care more than something personalised. It also proves you didn’t forget about him and buy something on the way home! This handy little planter is something he can keep hold of and cherish, as well as grow some of his favourite plants!

Personalised Wooden Gardening Crate

The BBQ Master

We all know one, the guy who insists that no one can touch the BBQ but him, as if it will mystically set afire upon touch. Well, we’ve found him the perfect gift… Now he can lock all his BBQ tools away from everyone to show who’s really in charge of the BBQ.


The Old-fashioned dad

Tired of fixing his computer and showing him how to work his online banking? Keep him distracted with this Vintage Style Sowing and Harvesting Calendar (it’s on paper so you won’t have to show him how it works).

Sowing Harvest Calendar

The Hipster Dad

You know the one, he thinks he’s down with the kids but doesn’t understand half of what you do for your job. Nothing screams modern culture like this Modern Cocktail Ultimate Grill Set, perfect to show off at family BBQ’s.

Modern Grill Set

The Clumsy Dad

Well they say that man was the first to discover fire (we’re not sure if that’s strictly true) but one thing we do know is that this fire lighting kit can work in all kinds of weather. Planned a BBQ but the wind has picked up? That’s no reason to let everyone down, not with this handy piece of kit! Even the clumsiest of dads can’t get this wrong.

Fire Lighting Kit

The Quirky Dad

A garden isn’t a garden without growing anything! This weird vegetable patch set will test their gardening skills with some pretty unusual vegetables and will be a gift that keeps on giving (we suggest still getting him something next year though).

Vegetable Patch Gift

The DIY Dad

This guy probably already has everything he could want or need in his lifetime, and if not, he’ll make one. Why not help him spruce up the garden with some stepping stones? This will give you a project you can work on together too.

Stepping Stones

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