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Does Your Garden Affect the Value of your Home?

Does your garden add value to your house?


Property experts have revealed that a well-kept and attractive garden can add up to 20% to the value of your property and, according to The Telegraph’s article, based on current UK property prices, this can be up to £60,000. A well-designed and well-kept garden becomes a great extension to the interior. In fact, research from Which? revealed that 76% of Britons would not compromise on a garden when buying a home.

With such limited space in many areas of the country there’s a huge value in any extra useable space you can create both inside and outside. Even if you’re not thinking of selling your home immediately think about how much better your garden could be for your own enjoyment with just a few simple improvements. If it adds value to your home in the long run, it’s worth the investment.

Keep it simple

Simple gardens are key. They sell more easily because buyers can be put off if they think they’re going to have to spend a long time maintaining the garden. Buyers want extra space but they don’t want to spend any more time maintaining it than the rest of the house. If you can break the garden up into separate areas such as grass and paving, this is a great way to maximise the space you have.

Kerb Appeal

Your front garden is likely to be the first thing anybody sees when they come to visit you and first impressions always count. If you’re looking for something low maintenance, attractive paving is a great solution and will help you to turn it into a space that is more usable. Whether it’s a driveway or path to your home, at Yorkstone Supplies, we can provide you with a solid, robust and practical finished surface that will wow anyone who comes to visit.


Sheds have become an extremely popular trend with over 21 million Britons now owning one according to research conducted by Cuprinol. They have progressed from their old fashioned purpose, storage, they are now used as home offices, dens and even outdoor kitchens – this extra space can add more usable space outside an increase the value of your property.

Patio/Outdoor Dining area

Although a lawn area is the top requirement for many home buyers, a patio area comes second and helps to divide the garden up.

Adding a patio to your garden helps you to create the illusion of more space and an extra dining or seating area all year round. With the ability to buy outdoor heaters and canopy covers, many homeowners now use their patios in any weather. The patio is only steps away from the back door so you’ll never have to go too far to enjoy the garden. Paving is a great alternative to decking due to its long lasting and low maintenance nature. Decking has a short shelf life and can become slippery and unattractive very quickly.

If you want to give your garden a clean finish, we can provide a well designed and constructed patio area which will help you to create even more usable space in your garden, add value and provide extra enjoyment. Yorkstone for patios is versatile and practical for both summer and winter, meaning that you can enjoy your garden at all times of the year.

With the range of Barbeques on the market growing and some home owners even going as far as to build their own or build pizza ovens, an outdoor dining area is becoming a much more popular trend.


A well landscaped garden is likely to be more attractive to buyers than something that hasn’t been cared for. You don’t have to do anything too complicated but dividing the garden into separate, well-defined areas can increase the appeal and give you different elements of the garden to create a seating area, play area or flower beds. Yorkstone paving will help you to make the most of your garden and make it more appealing to potential buyers.


If you’d like to find out more about how Yorkstone Supplies could help you improve your home and garden, please contact us today.

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