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What are the Environmental Benefits of Reclaimed York Stone?

As global warming speeds up, we’re under increasing pressure to reduce our carbon footprint. The construction industry in particular is responsible for generating 122 million tonnes of waste per year and the costs associated with production, extraction and transportation of materials are huge. Using reclaimed materials can reduce this impact and save up to 95% of these costs.

Where Does Reclaimed York Stone Come From?

Reclaimed stone has been used in construction and landscaping before and is cleaned or altered to suit other projects. Reclaimed stone can be used to create new projects, match property styles or existing projects needing an overhaul. One of the biggest advantages of reclaimed stone is that it is already worn and will not look brand new once it’s installed, therefore adding character and history to a project.

Ongoing developments in the UK as the government tries to reach targets for building more affordable housing and commercial buildings, more and more historic buildings are being demolished to create extra space. By reclaiming materials, we help to reduce the amount of waste produced during building projects and provides York Stone that can be reused for other projects.

Yorkstone Suppliesreclaim York Stone from a variety of demolition sites and buy York Stone from private UK gardens. Much of our reclaimed stone is over 100 years old, perfect for existing projects or giving a new project a vintage look.

From English heritage…

…to your back garden

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