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Creating a Low Maintenance Garden

We don’t all have time to spend hours in the garden weeding, trimming or planting. However, it is possible to create a garden that doesn’t require a huge amount of time and can still be enjoyed. Your garden should be an extension to your home and become a place of refuge where you can unwind and relax. It shouldn’t be a place that causes extra stress. Remember that unless you completely pave the whole garden, no garden is no maintenance.

Reduce the size of planted areas and different plants

If you don’t want to be watering or weeding flowerbeds all year, take them all the way back to the garden’s border and consider paving that area. A path around the garden always works well and still looks neat and tidy. You could always extend the lawn if you don’t want paving.

At Yorkstone Supplies, we provide a range of Yorkstone that will help to give your garden the perfect finish. Yorkstone is low maintenance, durable and attractive so will help to give your low maintenance garden a great finish.

Choose low maintenance plants

If you’re going to include plants in your garden, choose low maintenance, evergreen plants. Choose shrubs and plants that don’t grow too big and won’t require regular pruning. The beauty of evergreen plants is that they don’t shed leaves in the Autumn so you won’t have to go round clearing up leaves.

Replace hedges

If you’ve got hedges around the borders of your garden, think about replacing them with fences or stone or brick walls. They don’t grow and so don’t require regular maintenance and they won’t become unruly and take over the garden if they’re not cared for.

At Yorkstone Supplies, we supply a range of walling stone that will allow you to create great looking walls for your garden and reduce the amount of maintenance you have to take on as well as providing privacy.

Don’t forget that even low maintenance gardens can be attractive and provide you with a space you can enjoy all year round. Take a look at our range of products to help you create a low maintenance, eye-catching space.

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