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December 2016 - Pix of quarries in Yorkshire

Reclaimed York Stone: Where does it Come from and How is it Used?

29th January 2018

What is York Stone? York stone is a type of sandstone found and quarried specifically in the Yorkshire area. It...

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Paving Choices

Top Questions to Ask When Choosing Paving Materials

If you’re thinking about paving your garden or driveway, creating a patio or taking on any other paving project, you...

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Yorsktone Benefits Blog Image

Top 5 Benefits of York Stone Paving

28th November 2017

If you’re thinking of paving your garden or any other element of your home, York Stone paving offers a great...

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British Paving

Choosing the Right Paving Stone For Your Garden

25th September 2017

When looking for paving stone for your garden it can often be difficult to know what products to use and...

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Top Tips for Creating an Environmentally Friendly Garden

31st July 2017

Everyone knows about the effects of global warming and we all look for small measures we can make in our...

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Why Should You use York Stone for your Home Improvements?

28th June 2017

There are many building materials you can use in your home and garden improvements. However, few can match both new...

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What are the Environmental Benefits of Reclaimed York Stone?

9th May 2017

As global warming speeds up, we’re under increasing pressure to reduce our carbon footprint. The construction industry in particular is...

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Vintage York stone

3rd March 2016

'Vintage' has become fashionable over the last decade, from clothing to household items. We believe this is why Reclaimed York...

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From Industrial Revolution to Modern Day Relaxation

17th February 2016

As the modern world develops, many buildings from the past no longer serve the purpose for which they were intended....

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British Versus Imported stone

16th February 2016

Traditional York stone has always had a presence in UK gardens. However, as fashions and tastes changed, York Stone entered...

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