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Can a Patio Add Value to Your Home?

Many homeowners spend thousands of pounds on the interiors of their homes but the exterior is often neglected. Kerb appeal is extremely important so, even if you’re not intending on selling your home in the immediate future, making investments now will provide you with a home that you can enjoy that will also add value to your home.

Gardens and patios, in particular, are being viewed as an extension of the home or outdoor living rooms. Patios are listed as one of the top 10 features that homebuyers now look for when buying a new property with many paying a premium for a home with a well-built, well-equipped patio.

If you want to add value to your home, we have listed just a few ways that adding a patio or upgrading the exterior of your home can help.

Adding Value with a Patio

Patios are a great, cost-effective method to add value to your home. Spending a few thousand pounds on a patio, hot tub, barbecue or similar features can add up to £10,000 to the value of your home. In contrast, a loft extension could cost £25,000 but you’re only likely to gain the money directly back.

Extended Living Space

Patio doors and folding doors have a huge appeal because they connect the indoors and outdoors together. With many homeowners seeing patio areas as another space for them to entertain and dine, they are now seen as extended living rooms and so, when designing and decorating your patio, you should treat it in the same way!

Patios and folding doors are a huge appeal because they connect the indoors and outdoors together. Remember that for maximum appeal, your patio should be built next to your home in order to make it feel like an extension of the inside. When entertaining, this makes it much easier to plug a music player in or bring food in and out of the house.

A Multi-Functional Space

A patio doesn’t just have to be for entertaining and dining or summer barbecues. Add a built-in fire pit, fireplace or a cosy seating area and you’ve got a space you can enjoy all year round, no matter the occasion and which will also add value and appeal. Potential home buyers want to picture themselves enjoying the house and garden and these features are a great way to help them do so.

Create separate, distinct areas for each function of the garden such as seating, eating, barbecue, storage and a lawn area. This helps to make the patio space look larger and shows buyers how much usable living space they’re going to have.

Figures suggest that adding a patio with a barbecue or hot tub could add up to £10,000 to a home’s value with the average house value increasing by 5-10%.

Low Maintenance

If you enjoy gardening and have ample amounts of time to maintain the garden, there can be a huge temptation to landscape the whole garden and add wow factor. However, for any busy homeowners, garden maintenance is an issue and can actually put buyers off if they think they’re going to have to spend large amounts of time outside pruning and weeding. A small garden with a lawn is going to need a lawnmower and somewhere to store it so a low maintenance patio could be just as desirable as a landscaped, attractive garden.

Using high-quality materials such as York Stone will also make your patio seem much more appealing. Not only is it attractive, it’s long-lasting and durable too which means it will last for years to come with maintenance at a minimum.

Additional Ways to Add Value with Paving

Kerb Appeal

The interior of your home may be pristine but first impressions are extremely important so if the exterior of your house is crumbling, not painted properly or just looks neglected, it can be difficult for buyers to put these impressions to one side.

Looking after the front of your home can help you to add more value because home buyers will see your home as somewhere that needs little maintenance or work completing when they first move in.

Off Street Parking

Creating an attractive driveway and off-street parking can make a huge difference to the value of your home. This is especially true in city locations where on-street parking is restricted. You might have to sacrifice an extremely attractive looking front garden but many buyers will see a low maintenance driveway much more appealing than a garden they have to spend time maintaining and which they will never use.

York Stone is perfect for driveways not only for its attractive qualities but also for its durable nature. Our stone will help you to make a great first impression with your home and provide extra parking space that will appeal to home buyers.

Stepping Stones

Another easy way to add value to your home is to lay stepping stones through your garden. These are easy to lay and will give all-weather access to the whole of your garden and add a feature to a lawn that’s not particularly inspiring.

We stock a wide range of York Stone Stepping Stones which make the perfect walkway in any garden and, their natural riven surface makes them non slip even in the winter so your garden will be a space you can enjoy all year round.

If you’d like to find out more about how we at Yorkstone Supplies could help you to create the perfect patio for your home, please contact us today. In addition to providing the York Stone for your patio, we can also help you with the design and installation using our expert landscaping team.

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