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Yorkstone Supplies

British Versus Imported stone

Traditional York stone has always had a presence in UK gardens. However, as fashions and tastes changed, York Stone entered a lull in the latter part of the last century. Cheaper sandstone was imported and allowed people to create patio areas for very little outlay. We know that you only get what you pay for and, fortunately for us, now our customers realise this too!

Imported Stone

Imported Sandstone is not as hard wearing and prone to flaking due to being a much softer stone. It is liable to delaminate in our inclement British weather. Don’t be misled by product names that appear to have origins in the North, that is there to fool the masses. The price should be your guide, if you see ‘York Stone’ Paving for £20.00m2 then it’s not going to be genuine York Stone.

We have quarried New York Stone and dealt in Reclaimed York Stone for generations and realise its’ beauty and longevity.

York Stone

In recent years, York stone has featured heavily in garden shows, such as Chelsea and Hampton Court, with many Garden Designer incorporating it into their designs. This has filtered down to the domestic gardener market, creating an extension of the interior with ‘garden rooms’ as featured on many garden makeover shows. Whether it be New, Reclaimed or Crazy Paving, each product has its place.

York stone is a British product, quarried and finished using traditional methods that have been handed down from generations.  Quarried by skilled craftsmen, no child labour or under age workers.

Reclaimed York stone is retrieved, saved and extracted from many different sources. From renovation projects such as old mills, industrial buildings to domestic garden projects or salvage.  All of our stone is genuine Reclaimed York Stone. We retrieve, save and extract our Reclaimed York Stone from many different sources, with provenance.

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