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6 Landscaping Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Garden

We often think we know what we’re doing when it comes to maintaining our garden, but many of us don’t know even the simplest of steps when it comes to landscaping and making sure our gardens have an acceptable appearance. Many go overboard and end up ruining their gardens, which is why we’ve provided you with 6 common landscaping mistakes:

1. Ignoring the seasons

When landscaping, it is very important that you take the seasons into consideration. There’s a range of flowers that bloom at particular points in the year, so if you’ve got a lot of plants that have bloomed during the summer, it’s time to think of the plants that will thrive best in autumn/winter. Such plants might include: pansies, violas, primroses, polyanthus, and so on. Think about using some evergreens or perennials that look good throughout the year. This way, you don’t have to replant everything- just a select few.

2. Overcrowding

It’s often very easy to overcrowd your plants in the worry that you’ll have empty spaces in your garden. More often than not, people want to see immediate results, so when their plants haven’t started flowering yet, we see a sparse space and want to fill it with more. This can lead to making your plants appear overcrowded.

When installing your plants you need to ensure that they have enough room around them to spread, otherwise they will be heavily competing for nutrients, as well as appearing overcrowded. When choosing your plants, it’s important to research the ones you’re choosing by examining their labels for the mature size. This way, you can plan in advance how they will be planted in order to achieve the best finish.

3. Not colour-coordinating

Sometimes we can get carried away when picking plants to place in our garden, making it easy to pick colours that don’t work well with each other. Like your interior, you want to pick colours that complement each other well- having an array of colours could make your garden appear untamed.

So, before heading to the garden centre, choose a colour palette that you feel would look the nicest in your garden. If you don’t like it, then just change it next season!

4. Failing to be family-friendly

As much as you want your garden to be attractive, you have to remember that some things aren’t best if you’ve got small children. That means cutting back the spiky plants, such as thorny roses, or perhaps forgetting about the concrete patio that could cause some serious damage if your children were to get too carried away when playing with each other.

Even though you’d like to think of your garden as yours, if you’ve got a family- then it couldn’t be further from the truth. When planning your garden, you need to ensure that it suits everyone in your family.

5. Not transitioning indoor to outdoor

Although it may seem like a minor issue, many people forget to consider the view from indoors. When you look out of your window onto your garden, you want it to be something you can gaze at and be proud of- not something you want to avoid looking at. That’s why it’s important to plan how you want your garden to look and where you want certain things to be placed, so you can get the best view possible. If it looks great from the inside- it’s bound to look even better on the outside.

6. Ignoring exterior lighting

As most of us work on our gardens during the day, it’s easy to forget how it will look in the evening. Adding lights to your garden not only helps you to see more easily, but it will also help to illuminate and frame your garden in a way that can’t be done during daylight hours. By adding exterior lighting, you’ll be able to make your garden appear more welcoming as well as added security.

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