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5 Ways to Create the Perfect Garden for your Children

Many desperate parents look for ways to entertain their children whilst they’re not at school.With a long six weeks stretching out ahead and constant calls of ‘I’m bored’ ringing in their ears, the garden becomes the perfect playground. It’s a way to get children away from the television. Get them to spend quality time enjoying fresh air, exercise and learning about wildlife and plants.

For children, the garden is a place to roam around but this is not conducive to a pristine garden! Adults see the garden as a collection of fragile plants and features not to be trampled. In reality, a family garden has something for everyone to enjoy. So, how do you transform your garden into an adventure playground for your children whilst still enjoying the view?

1. Safety

As with anything involving children, safety is usually the primary concern. Every parent wants their children to be able to play in their garden but they’re also aware of the dangers.

Young children want to explore all of the garden so avoid too many changes in levels to minimise falls and scrapes. If you’re looking into water features or ponds, they can still be safe for children with careful thought and planning.

Always make sure that your garden is secure and let adventurous children know about the dangers when playing in the garden. A fence or locked gate high enough to keep intruders out and children in should be a staple.

2. Bright Colours

Children respond well to colours. So, whether it’s bright and vibrant plant pots, colourful garden figurines or other garden decorations, there’s a wide variety of ways to brighten things up.

Why not give children their own space in the garden and let them choose the colour of the fencing? You could even get them involved in the painting!

Colourful plants will make your garden look brighter and you can make a game of naming the individual colours. It’s another great way to educate your children whilst playing!

3. Separate Areas

If you want to enjoy your garden while your children play, why not separate your garden into areas? In larger gardens, it’s easy to carve out specific areas but you might need to be more creative in smaller gardens!

Clever sectioning gives areas of your garden a clear identity and keeps the adult’s areas free from children’s games. A patio area is perfect for evening entertaining and somewhere to put luxury outdoor dining furniture that you can enjoy eating around as a family. Most people have their patio or seating area close to the house so it’s a great vantage point to sit and supervise children.

A section for children might include a climbing frame, trampoline or slide with bark chippings to soften falls. Giving children a dedicated play area will save your plants and lawn from being trampled and destroyed.

At Yorkstone Supplies, we supply a range of York Stone paving that’s perfect for creating a patio in your garden. Our stone is durable and long-lasting and will withstand the heavy usage of family life. Not only that, our stone does not become slippery in wet or cold weather conditions so will allow use of the garden all year round.


4. A Patch of Their Own

Many children will love their own plot of land where they can grow their own herbs, fruits or vegetables. Getting involved or having control over their own garden is great for learning and development and you might even get them to eat their greens more easily!

Mark off a plot in the garden and take them out to the garden centre to choose their own plants. Choose somewhere that gets plenty of sunlight and is perfect for growing – you want them to be successful, not put them off by thinking they can’t grow anything!

5. Water Features

Water features may be a huge no-no if you’ve got children but they don’t have to be. They can actually be very educational! If installed correctly and with the correct safety measures, water features can be another element added to your garden for children to enjoy.

Ponds or water features can attract a huge amount of wildlife, giving children the chance to learn in their gardens. Alternatively, you could build a shallow stream-style water feature for paddling in the summer.

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