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5 Top Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

Preparing your garden in early spring will maximise the enjoyment and use you get from it in the summer. Even if the warmer weather does feel like months away! After winter, it will be in need of care and attention to make sure plants grow properly and to prevent it from becoming too wild and overgrown. As soon as the warm air and rain of spring hit, everything’s going to start growing again rapidly. Getting ahead now will save you a huge amount of time and prevent your garden from looking too unkempt.

You might decide to have a tidy up or completely revamp your garden. Either way, we’ve got a few hints and tips below to help you prepare your garden for spring.

Spring Clean 

After months of snow, wind and rain, your garden will be more than ready for a bit of TLC. We usually spend time clearing the cobwebs away from inside and the garden should be no different. If you want to use it again when the weather becomes warmer, you’ll have to put work in. Start by clearing away debris or rubbish such as leaves, branches and twigs and pull up weeds. If you’ve got a greenhouse, shed or outdoor furniture, it’s likely that they’ll all need cleaning so they’re usable again.

Spring cleaning is just the first step in preparing your garden for the new season. It will help you to see what you’ve got to work with and decide how, what and where you want to plant or start landscaping. It might be too cold for some plants or to start work properly outside but you could gather inspiration.

Get Digging 

If you want to prepare your flower beds, you should spend time cultivating the soil to help plants to grow. This involves simply digging up the soil, turning it and dropping it back into the same hole. Doing this will help your plants to thrive and start to revive your garden as it turns back to green again. Spring is the perfect time to plant bulbs and seeds, giving them chance to thrive before the summer. If you don’t start planting now, you’re likely to miss the season and your garden won’t flower until next year.

Start Planting 

Spring is the ideal time for planting anything. Soil moisture is still high after the winter giving your plants time to get established before warmer weather arrives. Think about the type of plants you want and where they’re best suited in your garden. Preparation now means everything will be in full bloom in the summer, leaving you with a garden you can enjoy.

Mend fences

If you’ve got raised planter beds or fences that are falling down it could be because the posts have rotted. Waiting until spring to replace the posts will prevent them from rotting again because the ground will not be as wet. Repairing anything that’s broken will immediately make your garden look tidier and make it somewhere that you want to spend time in in the summer rather than somewhere that is falling apart!


If you haven’t done it already, spring is a perfect time to start landscaping your garden. This is not just to help you get the most out of it in the summer but also to make sure you get the hard work in before the temperature rises. Creating a paved area gives you extra usable space outside that can be used for dining, entertaining and enjoying the sun in the summer. You might even get the benefit from the extra area during the other seasons if you’re well prepared.

At Yorkstone Supplies, we provide a wide range of products to help you landscape your garden and turn it into a space you can use and enjoy. If you”d like to find out more, please contact us.



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