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5 Landscaping ideas for your garden

Just like the inside of your home, sometimes your garden needs a completely new look. Landscaping is the best way to achieve this! With dry and warm weather, summer is the perfect time to think about remodelling your garden. Landscaping adds character and natural beauty to your garden, helping you to get the most out of it all year. From easy fixes to a complete overhaul, here are just a few of the features you could install.

1. Patio

One of the most popular landscaping features is a patio. It’s a great low maintenance feature you can enjoy all year and provides a space to create a dining area to entertain guests and soak up the sunshine. More people look to enjoy open plan living with rooms leading into the garden and patios further extend this space.


As more and more of us look to enjoy open plan living with French or sliding doors and conservatories that lead out into the garden, patios are further extending this space. Many people now build outdoor cooking areas around their patios. Patios create an outdoor living space that’s just as comfortable as the inside!

At Yorkstone Supplies, we supply a range of paving stone to help you build the perfect outdoor space. Click here to find out more about the York stone products we have available.


2. Rockery

Particularly in smaller gardens, rockeries are a great use of the space whilst providing a great focal point or backdrop for your garden. If you’re a keen gardener, a rockery will help you to expand the range of plants you can have in your garden. Rockeries provide the perfect environment for alpine plants which grow best on rocky slopes. It provides a way to create a large feature in your garden. Spring is also the perfect time to start planting your rockery so that plants and flowers can thrive over the summer.

We stock a range of York stone that is specifically quarried and hand-finished to be used for rockeries. Click here to find out more about our rockery stone, available in a range of sizes.


3. Pond or water feature

Another great focal point is a pond or water feature. They attract wildlife and create an opportunity for interesting planting with water-based plants. Relax to the soothing and calming sounds of streams or waterfalls and enjoy watching fish swimming in the pond. Water features and ponds create a talking point for your garden and, when done well and planted effectively, can greatly increase the look of your property.

4. Veg Patch

If you’re a gardening enthusiast and love growing, why not have a go at growing your own food? This is one of the biggest trends of 2017 and can even be achieved in the smallest gardens. Create a vegetable patch in your garden or invest in vertical gardening products which allow you to grow in an urban environment. Vertical gardening can be an attractive way to grow your own food.

5. Pathways

Dividing your garden with pathways can make your garden look bigger and more interesting. Plant borders around the pathways to lead the eye and create features around your garden. A simple garden path can guide you through flowerbeds, around your pond or water feature or lead towards your seating or dining area. Not only will pathways add functionality to your garden, they’re also an attractive feature to focus and arrange flowerbeds or other features around.


If you want to re-landscape your garden and you need more ideas, view our full range of York stone products for more inspiration. Still struggling for ideas for your garden? Read our blog about the top garden trends in 2017.

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