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2018 Garden Trends For Spring and Summer

The first day of spring brings with it thoughts of warmer weather and time spent out in the garden. To help you gather inspiration for your garden and to turn it into a multi-functional space that you can enjoy throughout the warmer month and, possibly even in the colder months too, we have compiled a list of the top garden trends for 2018.

So, if you want your garden to be the place to go this spring and summer, follow a few of these trends.

1. Meditation Gardens

Mindfulness and meditation are both huge trends in every walk of life and it’s seeping into our gardens too. As a quiet space, a meditation garden should be somewhere that inspires you and encourages reflection.

Being surrounded by nature sets you at peace and helps you to connect with your inner self. If you don’t want to dedicate your whole garden to meditation and zen, think about creating a small corner of your garden dedicated to having your own space away from the noise of the house and the rest of the garden. Air purifying and flowers with a calming smell to create a relaxed environment and add in a small bench or patch of grass for somewhere comfortable to sit. Studies show that we are healthier and feel less stressed when in close proximity to plants which increases general well-being and happiness. So, plant around you to help you feel more calm and relaxed when you enter your meditation garden.

Other elements that have been proven to have a calming effect include flowing water from a fountain or water feature and, you could even install a small birdbath or bird feeder to attract wildlife around you and allow you to listen to birdsong as you relax.

2. Water features

As we mentioned before in our meditation garden section, water features are another popular trend this year. Running water introduces a soothing sound and, if you’re in a busier city location, can drown the sounds of traffic or other noises that you might find less relaxing!

If you want to go one step further, think about installing a pond with fish to help you feel even more relaxed as you listen to the splashing and trickle of water.


3. Upcycled Planters

As part of the latest eco-friendly mindset and awareness of global warming, upcycling is another trend that has made its way from our interiors to the garden. Look for ways to reuse items that you already have around the garden and plant them with your favourite plants to scatter around the garden with. Not only does this help you to avoid clutter around the garden and to save items from the landfill site! Some of the best examples we’ve seen are reused flowery wellies, old tins, shoe organisers and even ice cream dishes!

At Yorkstone Supplies, we’ve gone one step further and created our own York stone planters! If you’re limited on space, these are a great addition to the garden and can be used to grow anything from your own vegetables, your favourite plants or herbs.

4. Grow your own

Along the same lines as upcycling is growing your own fruit and vegetables. With veganism in the United Kingdom rising by 360% over the last decade, along with rising food prices and a growing appreciation of organic produce, this trend is likely to last into the coming years.

Again, our York stone planters are not only an attractive addition to your garden, they’re also practical too! If you don’t have many flowerbeds, our planters can be placed anywhere around your garden and are deep enough to grow your favourite fruits and vegetables in. The flowering plants will also make your garden feel lush and green.

5. Textured Paving

Textured paving is set to be one of 2018’s biggest trend. Adding to the rustic feel of upcycling and growing your own, it blends in perfectly with many of the trends we’ve already touched on. The irregularities and imperfections of the stone bring a natural element to any garden whilst adding extra texture and interest.

6. Outdoor living

Outdoor structures are set to be big in 2018. Think upgraded pagodas but with integrated drainage, lighting and heating so that you’ve got somewhere to dine outside, relax and entertain for most of the year.

Outdoor kitchens have been a huge trend in previous years and are set to continue growing in popularity. Dedicated spaces are formed for cooking, eating and entertaining.

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