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Recycle, Re-Use, Relax with Reclaimed York stone

3rd October 2017

We are all used to being conscious of waste, land fill and recycling in the home, but we often neglect...

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Protecting Your Yorkstone Patio From Winter

25th September 2017

Winter will soon be upon us, meaning your patio could be at risk of damage from the cold weather that...

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Top Design Ideas For Using Yorkstone in Your Garden

Thinking of sprucing up your garden but not quite sure how to put your own unique stamp on it? When...

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Choosing the Right Paving Stone For Your Garden

When looking for paving stone for your garden it can often be difficult to know what products to use and...

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Preparing Your Garden For Winter

29th August 2017

Winter is slowly approaching, and with that it's time to consider preparing your garden so it can survive the cold...

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6 Landscaping Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Garden

We often think we know what we're doing when it comes to maintaining our garden, but many of us don't...

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Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Garden

It often seems that no matter how many plants or features you add to your garden, you just can't seem...

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5 Ways to Create the Perfect Garden for your Children

31st July 2017

Many desperate parents look for ways to entertain their children whilst they’re not at school.With a long six weeks stretching...

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Top Tips for Creating an Environmentally Friendly Garden

Everyone knows about the effects of global warming and we all look for small measures we can make in our...

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Your Guide to Creating a Man Cave for your Garden

26th July 2017

For many men, a man cave is an absolute must. It’s somewhere to escape and relax away from the noise...

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